The new exhibition at the American Vision Art Museum, in Baltimore, Maryland:  “Abundance: Too Much, Too Little, Just Right.” is a DO NOT MISS!
Among many wonderful works are featured paintings from their permanent collection  by our Paul Lancaster and sculpture by Charlie Lucas.  Several other works by Brooks Yeoman and  Mr.Imagination were previously in our gallery as well.  See






We want to mention two organizations that promote folk and outsider art which may interest you and which you may wish to join to participate in their events and receive their periodicals. First:  Folk Art Society of America  See their website at
Secondly for those in NorthCarolina and surrounding states:  North Carolina Folk Art Society   See their website at



Reminder:  We still have some copies the out-off-print book on the life and art of Paul Lancaster: “Paul Lancaster :Immersed in Nature”.  More details are on his Info page of our website.  Just contact us to buy a copy.




                                              Sterling Strauser Gallery at ESU







There has been growing interest in the Sterling Strauser Collection and Gallery which we were instrumental in founding at East Stroudburg State University.  The objective was to honor this significant American Modernist artist along with his wife Dorothy, a gifted artist in her own right for their considerable contributions, especially to the field of folk and outsider art.  ESU’s Kemp Library has placed information on-line including several interviews which discuss various aspects of the effort and which also speak to Strauser’s art and life.